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Wake up to the fresh sea breeze

The five rooms and the Grand Suite of Marbela Home, offer a panoramic view of the Morjim Beach across the changing moods of the day and seasons. The constant company of sea breeze with the soothing sound of sea waves offers the perfect setting for you to unwind

World of Flavours and Culinary Delights

An experience of a lifetime can only be complete with a pampering of the palate. Handpicked cuisine from around the world adds to the complete Marbela Home experience.

The comforts of Marbela home is located close to the Marbela Beach Resort, with just a few minutes of refreshing beachside walk separating the two. As a guest at Marbela Home, you get complete access to the exquisite facilities of the resort, including the Day Club , Spa, Yoga and Alternative Therapy Center, and the Art zone.